The development of private education ushered in a new opportunity. A few days ago, the Ministry of Education issued a document promulgating the “Implementation Opinions on Encouraging and Guiding Private Funds into Education to Promote the Healthy Development of Private Education”, stating that the conditions for kindergarten approval can be appropriately relaxed, and private universities can apply for the granting of bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees, and their approval procedures. The requirements are the same as those for public universities; private funds are encouraged and guided to enter preschool education and academic education in various ways, and to participate in training and continuing education,A Kiosk manufacturer usually encounters four steps in the process of producing a customized kiosk.

The document said that it will “clear and correct all kinds of discrimination policies for private schools” and “implement the autonomy of running schools in private schools”, and make regulations on the licensing of schools for running schools, the autonomy of running schools, and the autonomy of enrollment. Provincial education administrations The visual source status allows private undergraduate schools to adjust the enrollment batch,Sitagliptin Metformin insulin treatment Remission is common in those subsequently taken off medications.

According to the opinions of the document, the treatment of teachers in private schools will be further implemented. Enjoy the same treatment as public school teachers in qualification recognition, job title review, continuing training, project application, evaluation and selection, and international exchange, and enjoy the same benefits as the same public school teachers of the same level in the household migration, housing, and children's education. Talent introduction policy. At the same time, private schools must ensure that teachers' wages and benefits are treated in accordance with the law, and apply for social insurance and housing accumulation funds for teachers in accordance with relevant regulations, and encourage supplementary insurance for teachers. Support the local people's government to adopt special subsidies for setting up pension insurance for teachers in private schools, explore the establishment of annuity system for teachers in private schools, and increase the retirement benefits for teachers in private schools,PolyU (HK) ranks among Asia top universities. We strive to be one of the best universities in Asia / one of the best asian universities. Students who look for studying in Asia world city, PolyU is the place for you.